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 I forgot my password
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If you have questions or issues with Blackboard, please contact the Blackboard Student Support Team (SST).


*Issues not related to Blackboard should be addressed to USA General IT Help Desk.*


Blackboard Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week!


Phone:  855-763-4653






New students will receive their email addresses prior to New Student Orientation. You will receive an email from the university detailing your login information. 
You can log onto your email by going to:
Students are now able to utilize their USA account to store files via OneDrive.
OneDrive is available from the Outlook Web Access page for each student here:
Click the OneDrive tab along the top of the Outlook Web Access page.
OneDrive will display the online folder allowing for each student to upload and store documents.
Students may store files and coursework in this location for the duration of their time at USA.  These files are available anywhere it is possible to reach Outlook Web Access.
Unfortunately, we have to abide by a strict no-touch policy when it comes to student computers. We are, however, allowed to assist you with university-supported software and Web applications.

Spam. It’s not just a questionable canned meat. With scammers phishing for your personal information like usernames/passwords, it can also be a sure-fire way for deceitful people to infiltrate your electronic life.

Do you know how to spot a phishing email??



If you have a question or issue regarding your email password, WiFi connectivity, library/lab computers, etc., contact the USA IT Support Team.

*Issues related to Blackboard should be directed to the Blackboard Student Support Team*

USA General IT Support is available 7 days a week from 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. EST.

Phone: 800-241-1027 x 7000 (or dial 7000 from any campus phone)




Password Policy

Passwords must be changed every 90 days, and must comply with the following criteria:

Not contain the user's account name or parts of the user's full name that exceed two consecutive characters

1. At least eight characters in length

2. Contain characters from three of the following four categories:

• English uppercase characters (A through Z)

• English lowercase characters (a through z)

• Base 10 digits (0 through 9)

• Non-alphabetic characters (for example, !, $, #, %)

3. Must NOT contain any 3 previous passwords.

Select This link to Change Your Password: Password Self Service


Step 1: To Start the enrollment process you will need to login to the USA Help Desk:
You can find the link to the USA Help Desk on the Student IT support page on MyUSA (

- When logging on to Help Desk, do not add “@usa.ed”to your username
- Your Password is the same one you use for logging into USA e-mail

Step 2: Once you have successfully logged in locate the Change your Settings Icon
Step 3: To complete the enrollment process it is necessary to select and answer two security questions.
- The other fields aren’t required and do not need to be completed in order to use the unlock/reset password feature.
Step 4: Once you have entered your security questions select “submit” to save your changes.
That completes the enrollment process. It is now possible to unlock and reset your USA email password.

After you have completed the Help desk enrollment process please click the below link to Unlock your domain password: USAEmail - Unlock/Reset my email account password.

Step 1: Once the web page opens please select Unlock Account if you remember your password and have entered the wrong password to many times.
Step 2:  From the Unlock Account page you will be able to answer the security questions that you entered during the Help desk enrollment process.
Step 3: After you have entered your security question please enter the characters displayed in the picture and then select Continue.

Step 4: You will see a message that states that your account has been unlocked. *(If your account isn’t in a locked state and you try to unlock your account you will receive the following message, "Your account has not been identified as locked. If you are still unable to log in, try resetting your password. ")*

* If you have any questions or problems with the above process please send a request for help to*
*** You must enroll your USA Help Desk account first before you can use the password services feature to Unlock or Reset your USA e-mail account password .***
Click this link to log into the help desk:
You must enroll your USA Help Desk account first before you can use the password services feature to unlock or reset your USA e-mail account password .

Reset your USA email account password:

Step 1: Enter your user name: Your user name is your first initial.last name. Ex: Test Student- t.student

Step 2: Enter your security question answers and the characters displayed in the picture and select Continue.

Step 3: Enter your new password and then enter the same password again to confirm the password and select continue. The Password Policy requirements are listed.
Step 4: Upon a successful password reset you will receive the below message.

The process is complete!
If you have any questions or problems with the above process please submit a USA Help Desk request or send a request for help to

You will only need to change your password three times a year. Choosing something you can easily remember is the key. It is all about using familiar terms.


Use a familiar term

Innovative Education
      • In0V8ivEduc@tion – Remove spaces, change letters to numbers and add a special character. (This one works)
      • In0V8&Educ8 – Change to “Innovate and Educate” for a shorter password

Use a Song – When you use a song, you can take the first letter of each word and create a password.

Oh say can you see by the dawn’s early light
      • 0SCysbtd’se1
      • Use the special character already present in the phrase so it’s easy to remember…
      • Use numbers instead of letters. The number “0” for “Oh” , the number 1 for an “L”

Use a Colloquialism

See you later alligator
      • Cul8r@lig8tr

These passwords are more difficult to remember, but they are also much more difficult to hack. Protecting financial databases and FERPA protected information must be a primary concern for the university.

Getting Started
How to Connect to USA WiFi (.pdf, 197K)
One-Time Help Desk Registration (.pdf, 184K)

All students must register for SysAid, our online help desk. This is where students set up their user profiles and security questions so they can easily reset their passwords using Password Self Service, submit service requests, browse the knowledge base and more. Firefox and Internet Explorer are recommended for registering for the help desk, Chrome is NOT recommended.

How to Change Your Password Using Password Self Service (.pdf, 222K)

Before you can change your password using Password Self Service, you must complete the One-Time Help Desk Registration. The steps for doing so are outlined directly above this document, and the process only takes a few minutes. It will enable you to reset your password online in just a few simple steps.

Add a USA Email Account to an iOS Device (.pdf, 274K)
Add a USA Email Account to an Android Device (.pdf, 223K)
Student Laptop Requirements (.pdf, 483K)
Additional Information
Reserving Rooms Using Touchscreen Panels (.pdf, 277K)
Free Access to MS Office (.pdf, 94K)
Internet Explorer - Show Blocked Media (.docx, 78K)
Firefox Show Blocked Media Settings (.docx, 88K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
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