With increases in COVID-19 cases and new recommendations from the CDC, we are reinforcing USAHS policy that all students, faculty and staff on all campuses, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, must bring masks to campus and wear them while indoors and when entering/exiting buildings. Failure to do so may result in removal from campus or other disciplinary action. 

Please refer to www.usa.edu/return-to-campus for guidelines.

How to Complete Your Personal Health Screening; Access QR Code Directly on Website

  • Please remove any saved or bookmarked links and go directly to the reentry.usa.edu site to refresh and link to the updated form.
  • Make sure to select your campus, and the rest of the form will follow. Simply follow the prompts from there.
  • The mobile-friendly online form is used for personal health screening, which involves taking your temperature daily and answering questions related to COVID-19 symptoms and any potential exposure you may have had to the virus.
  • Completing the personal health screening each day prior to your first day of return to campus is strongly recommended.
  • After your first day of return to campus, the personal health screening will be required daily for the duration of the term or until you are no longer regularly coming to campus. COVID-19 diagnostic testing is not required for returning to campus.
  • Effective July 12: Read this important update on shared spaces on campus, including use of refrigerators and microwaves, on the Return to Campus website

  • Mask use: Masks are required when entering campus/in line and while indoors on campus. Please reference the "Important Mask and USAHS Protocols Update" for important updates and COVID-19 protocol reminders.

  • For the 2021 Fall Term, USAHS expects to resume all in-person classes, labs and on-campus academic activities and to loosen mask restrictions as recommended by CDC and state guidelines.

  • Effective April 15: Face shield and glove use will no longer be required; students, faculty and staff will have the option to wear them if preferred. USAHS will have supplies of both available. Hand washing and social distancing remain critical.
  • Vaccines: USAHS will continue to follow vaccination guidelines that do not require students or employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine but do encourage obtaining a vaccine. The University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences Vaccine Guiding Principles, along with Vaccine FAQs, are available on the Return to Campus website. 
  • Reentry Communications can be found at https://www.usa.edu/return-to-campus/.
  • For suspected exposure or presumed positive situations for faculty, staff and students who are currently reporting to campus, please contact reentry@usa.edu or 855-GOUSAHS.
  • Use THIS procedure to report exposure to COVID-19 at clinical internships or fieldwork experiences.
  • STUDENTS can find the Keep Learning Plan online at this link.
  • Student Support Resources Guide CLICK HERE 
  • COVID-19 Student Financial Relief FAQs CLICK HERE