To add or update your addresses, please follow these steps:

  • Log into the MyUSA portal
  • Click the My Info tab on top menu bar
  • Click My Contact Info on the left menu bar
  • Click Update Contact Info on the middle of the page
  • Scroll down to Permanent Address,  Local Address and/or Emergency Contact Information and enter your information or make changes (verify other contact information is correct and update, if necessary)
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Next Page to review your updates.
  • After reviewing your updates, click submit

When you’d like to check items out from the Library (anatomy models, assistive devices, medical equipment and more), we encourage you to reserve the items online through the Library Catalog at least a day before you’d like to pick them up and sign up for either an On Campus for Labs appointment or a Special Trip to Campus appointment. We’ll have your items ready for you. Reservations for the Summer term open Friday, May 7.

However, starting in the 2021 Summer Term, we will also be offering limited hours of Open Checkout Time, when no reservations or appointments are necessary.

Each campus will have set hours each week when these Open Checkout Times are available. Please see the Library Checkout Services informational page for details for your campus. During the set hours, you can find the Library staff at a Pickup Station in front of the campus Library and check out any available items without a reservation or appointment. Only students pre-approved to be on campus for lab classes that day will be permitted to enter the building and use the Open Checkout services. The campus Library spaces remain closed for use.

Please direct any questions about the Library Checkout Services to or visit

Is there a faculty or staff member who has had a tremendously positive impact on your student experience? Please consider nominating them for a 2021 Board Excellence Award. We know that you are busy with your studies, so we’ve made the nomination process simple and convenient. Find the nomination form here. Nominations can be submitted April 2-May 28. 2021. Student First Award Criteria:  

“Student First” Award – Faculty  

Recognizes a core or contributing faculty member who demonstrates commitment to the University values with an emphasis on student first, through mentoring and dedication to preparing students to be leaders in their fields. This nominee goes above and beyond in advocacy and service to our students and the community. 

This nominee: 

  • Puts student success first
  • Provides for student learning opportunities outside the classroom
  • Ensures that students have access to educational assistance and advising outside of class
  • Encourages student engagement through creative, innovative and evolving teaching techniques
  • Advances multicultural awareness and inclusion to support the success of students with diverse backgrounds and needs, and encourages acceptance to help prepare students to thrive in a diverse world

“Student First” Award – Staff  

Recognizes a staff member who puts students first through effective communication, providing resources and a source of encouragement. This nominee goes above and beyond in advocacy or service to students and the University. 

This nominee: 

  • Provides students with information and resources, above and beyond what is needed, to succeed at USAHS
  • Ensures that students have access to educational support, assistance and advising outside of class
  • Serves as a role model for students through demonstrated commitment to the University values with an emphasis on student first
  • Embraces inclusion for all students and supports those with diverse experiences, backgrounds, beliefs and perspectives

Find the nomination form here.


USAHS employees ONLY: Please see MyUSA>Campus Connection>Human Resources>Faculty and Staff Award Nomination Criteria for faculty and staff 2021 Board Excellence Award criteria and nomination form. 

How to Complete Your Personal Health Screening; Access QR Code Directly on Website

The re-entry software was updated the week of March 29, which may affect how you're accessing re-entry QR codes to enter campus.

  • Please remove any saved or bookmarked links and go directly to the site to refresh and link to the updated form.
  • Make sure to select your campus, and the rest of the form will follow. Simply follow the prompts from there.
  • The mobile-friendly online form is used for personal health screening, which involves taking your temperature daily and answering questions related to COVID-19 symptoms and any potential exposure you may have had to the virus.
  • Completing the personal health screening each day prior to your first day of return to campus is strongly recommended.
  • After your first day of return to campus, the personal health screening will be required daily for the duration of the term or until you are no longer regularly coming to campus. COVID-19 diagnostic testing is not required for returning to campus.

We are looking ahead to the Summer Term with optimism and enthusiasm as our plans unfold. Summer Term classes will begin, as scheduled, May 10, 2021.

The exciting news is that we also will begin on-campus lab activities May 10 and will continue them until August 1. This schedule expands on-campus activity, and all students with courses that have labs will have an on-campus presence. All labs and on-campus activities will continue to conform to safety and health guidelines and governmental regulations. All lecture-based courses and activities will continue virtually throughout the term.

For the full update, please visit the Reentry page.

For questions not addressed in the FAQs, please reach out to your student success advisor or faculty advisor. We look forward to seeing you on campus!

  • Effective April 15: Face shield and glove use will no longer be required; students, faculty and staff will have the option to wear them if preferred. USAHS will have supplies of both available. Hand washing and social distancing remain critical.
  • April 14: The University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences plans a full return to campus for 2021 Fall Term courses and lab sessions. USAHS expects to resume all in-person classes and on-campus academic activities, such as regularly scheduled residencies, weekend labs and course intensives, with the September 7 Fall Term start.
  • Vaccines: USAHS will continue to follow vaccination guidelines that do not require students or employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine but do encourage obtaining a vaccine. The University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences Vaccine Guiding Principles, along with Vaccine FAQs, are available on the Return to Campus website. 
  • Reentry Communications can be found at
  • For suspected exposure or presumed positive situations for faculty, staff and students who are currently reporting to campus, please contact or 855-GOUSAHS.
  • Use THIS procedure to report exposure to COVID-19 at clinical internships or fieldwork experiences.
  • STUDENTS can find the Keep Learning Plan online at this link.
  • Student Support Resources Guide CLICK HERE 
  • COVID-19 Student Financial Relief FAQs CLICK HERE