As many of you know, the university is in the process of re-affirming our regional accreditation with the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC). This is critical to our goal of becoming a leading, comprehensive health sciences university. It demonstrates our commitment to quality education and student success, fulfills requirements for programmatic accreditation and for financial aid eligibility, helps us expand into new disciplines, and gives us another vital framework for continuous improvement.

Efforts guided by the Academic Accreditation & Initiatives team have been taking place for over a year, and I am pleased to share that the university self-study, a major component of that process, has been submitted. Numerous faculty and staff members have been involved with various parts of the submission, and I thank all of you who contributed to this university-wide effort.

Now that the self-study is complete, we are moving forward in the next phase of the reaffirmation process, which will entail an off-site visit this fall and an on-site visit in March 2019 by WSCUC reviewers. Site visit teams are composed of faculty members and senior administrators at peer institutions. These visits involve interviews with students, faculty, administrators, and alumni.

In preparation for this next stage, you will start to see new signage at the campuses, as well as information in Campus Connection, on social media platforms, and on the MyUSA landing page.

Please take note of this information. It is designed to inform you about aspects of the university that accreditors may ask about and that certainly will be of interest to everyone at USAHS. The communications campaign will launch next week and continue through March of 2019.

If you are interested in being involved with the WSCUC site visits, contact Dean Bartness, Director of Academic Initiatives, at

-Dr. Divina Grossman, USAHS President & Chief Academic Officer