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Our new online application for all degree seeking programs may be accessed at


**If you previous had an un-submitted application, you will need to create new one using the link provided**

The Admissions Committee reviews applicants holistically, however – academics will be at the forefront of the initial review process. We evaluate your academics by considering your prerequisite GPA, grade trend GPA (last 45 semester credits/67.5 quarter units) and GRE score.

Full time DPT, MOT and DUAL for all campuses: Average GPA’s and GRE scores tend to be higher for the fall deadline, where the spring and summer deadlines tend to be less competitive. Average GPA’s for the full time programs range from a 3.4 – 3.7, and average GRE scores are between 295 and 305 (combined V+Q).

FLEX DPT or FLEX MOT Programs: These programs accept a fewer amount of students per year, but we also receive fewer applications in comparison with our full time programs. Average GPA’s for the FLEX Programs range from a 3.2 – 3.5, and average GRE scores are between a 290 – 300 (combined V+Q).

The Admissions Committee will also be considering your essays, observation and work experience, and references in the initial review. For your Observation experiences, we recommend obtaining hours in a variety of settings for a more complete experience with the profession.

After the initial review, the Admissions Committee will invite qualified applicants to an on-campus Interview with a faculty member. The Interview is a very important step in the selection process, as we are able to ascertain more information about the applicants that may not come across in their written applications.

Applicants will be asked about their motivations for pursuing their degree/profession of choice, ethics, professionalism, etc. The Interview is also a time for determining whether USA will be a good fit for you, and vice versa.

We recommend that you submit your online application early, to allow timely processing. Once your file has been processed, you will receive a username and password to log in to the myUSA portal. You will be able to track all documents, and your admissions status.

None of the files are reviewed by the Admissions Committee until after the deadline has passed.

You may continue to send in some of your supporting documents after the application deadline has passed, without penalty. Once you have submitted the online application, you will receive directions and deadlines on submitting supporting documents.

Initial reviews of applications are typically concluded 6-8 weeks following the deadline for the full time programs, at which time we will notify students if they have been invited for an interview. (The review process for the FLEX Programs may take longer than 6-8 weeks past the deadline.)

Interview Days are typically scheduled for 8-10 weeks following the application deadline. For the full time programs, we typically only need to hold one interview session to fill the class. For the FLEX Programs, we typically hold two interview sessions.

Final decisions are made 2-3 weeks following the Interview Day. If your file is incomplete, the Admissions Committee may hold a decision until we receive necessary documentation.

You want to submit the most competitive application you can. Here are some tips for strengthening your application:

-          Retake any prerequisite course you’ve received a C in. Your prerequisite GPA is a big indicator of how successful you will be in the program. If you retake a course and receive a higher grade, we will only factor in the higher grade into your GPA.

-          Take a prep course for the GRE. The GRE is another big indicator of your academic strength, and scoring high will strengthen your application. Visit for more information regarding the GRE.

-          Get more experience! Completing more than the minimum of 80 Observation Hours in more than one setting will help to strengthen your application, as well as give you more insight into your prospective profession.

Congratulations on taking the first steps toward pursuing your educational and professional goals!
 The University of St. Augustine serves first-professional (entry-level), transitional and post-professional students in the health sciences fields of physical therapy, occupational therapy, orthopaedic assistant, and health sciences education.

The University endeavors to enroll candidates who are most likely to succeed in our educational programs.

The University welcomes applications from all qualified individuals without regard to race, color, religion, gender, marital status, age, and national or ethnic origin.  Each applicant is evaluated based on his or her own merits.  For first-professional students primary consideration is given to the student’s academic record including grades earned on the required prerequisite coursework, recent academic performance, results on the GRE, and experience in the field in which the student is interested.

We are looking forward to receiving your application for admission into the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences! 

Do not send application documents to the University until you have submitted your online application, or are in the process of submitting your application. You will receive further instructions on submitting documents once you have applied with the online application.

Electronic supporting documentation for your admissions application should be sent to:

Or by mail:

Admissions Office
University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences
One University Blvd.
St. Augustine, FL 32086

To send GRE Scores, our institution code is 5325.

We encourage all applicants to submit their online application as early as possible to allow for timely processing.
However, admissions decisions will not be made until after the application deadline has passed, allowing all applicants to meet the deadline.
No, you may only apply to one program at a time.
You must apply to one campus as your primary campus. If you are open to attending other campuses, you may indicate this in the "Additional Comments" section of the online application.
If you are admitted into the program, we generally notify candidates within three weeks. Occasionally it takes longer if you application is not complete, you are put on the alternate list, or you are denied. 
Yes. You may apply with up to three prerequisite courses in progress, so long as they are scheduled to be completed prior to the start of classes at the University of St. Augustine. Keep in mind you must provide official transcripts for all prerequisite courses and/or degrees prior to the start of the program.

You may apply with having some of your Observation Hours in progress. The minimum requirement of 80 hours is due 6 weeks after the deadline.

Some of your references may also be pending. Your file can still be reviewed for admission as long as you have 2 out of the 4 references submitted; one of which must be a therapist reference. However, we encourage you to submit all references as soon as possible.
We receive  500-1200 +/- applications per admission cycle, across all campuses. Each campus will accept up to 45-55 DPT, 20-25 MOT, 5-10 Dual, 30 DPT Flex, 15 MOT Flex, and 30 MOA students.
*Not all programs may be offered on each campus. Please check the website for the most up to date information.
Average GRE scores (verbal and quantitative combined) are 980-1100 on the old scale, and 295-305 on the new scale.
Average GPA for prerequisite coursework is 3.4 - 3.7.
***Some of the newer or part time programs may be less competitive. 
After submitting your application, you will receive an email providing you with a username and password into the MyUSA Portal. Once you sign in, you have access to view the status of your application in real time in the "Candidate" page.
Once the application deadline has passed, you will be notified by email within 6-8 weeks. You may be notified later than others if your application is not complete.

It is HIGHLY recommended to submit your online application at least 1 month early. 
  • December 15 to be considered for admission into the Fall (September) class.
  • June 15 to be considered for admission into the Spring (January) class.
  • October 1 to be considered for admission into the Summer (May) class.*
*The Flex Programs do not admit a Summer (May) class.
Please note: Applications received after the due date will be considered on a space available basis for all programs.
Post Professional and Transitional programs
  • Rolling Admission: You can apply at any time.