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Financial Aid Information


Complete the 2014-2015 FAFSA form & a Student Interview with the VFAO for loans beginning in the  Spring 2015, or Summer 2015 and/or Fall 2015 trimester.  To process Federal student loans, BOTH a FAFSA and a student interview must be completed AND any Private alternative loan option.
Please visit the Financial Aid tab on the website for detailed instructions
For Students receiving loans who will have schedule changes for upcoming terms --- The loan process will be delayed until final schedule confirmation is received from the Registrar's office.


Scholarship Information

 Please see Website for scholarship information or contact the Admissions department

Exit Counseling

Please use the link below to access the Graduate Exit counseling website. 
This is required by all students exiting the University.

The impact to our students in regards to the Budget Control Act, beginning July 1, 2012.

·         Eliminates the in-school interest subsidy for graduate and professional students.  The total Stafford loans available for students remains at $20,500, but unlike now, qualifying students do not pay interest on $8,500 of the total Stafford loan amount while in school, thus it is subsidized by the government,  students do pay (accrue)  interest on the $12,000 while in school.  The change will be they all pay (accrue) interest on the total 20,500 once the loan is disbursed.

  • Direct Loan Repayment Incentives: Repayment incentives were also eliminated in the final package.  

For Stafford loans, the up-front rebate incentive was equal to 0.5 percent of the loan amount and applied toward the 1 percent loan origination fee. When/if we participate in Grad Plus loans in the future; the up-front interest rebate incentive was 1.5 percent applied toward the 4 percent origination fee for those loans.


An interest rate reduction of 0.25 will continue to be provided to a borrower who agrees to automatically debit electronic payments.