Proper Conduct/Student Code of Conduct

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner, which upholds the integrity of their profession and the University.

Admittance to USAHS carries with it an obligation and responsibility to abide by federal, state, and local laws, respective county and city ordinances, as well as all University rules, regulations, and procedures. All students, faculty, guests, patients, and staff of the University have a responsibility to report student conduct violations as outlined in the Student Handbook/Catalog, including but not limited to the Student Code of Conduct, the Professional Misconduct Policy and the Academic Integrity Policy.

Reporting Professional Misconduct 

A student, faculty member, or any other member of the community may submit a report related to a student’s professional misconduct using the PMC Referral Form (below). Reports for student misconduct should be submitted to and will be routed to the Chair of the Professional Misconduct Committee, copying the appropriate Program Director. The Professional Misconduct Committee (PMC), which consists of faculty and staff selected from across the USAHS campuses, is vested with the authority to adjudicate all matters of student misconduct

All reports should be submitted as soon as possible after the offending event occurs, generally within 5 business days of the incident or occurrence that has given rise to the report. USAHS endeavors to review and investigate all professional misconduct reports; however, delayed reports may make the matter harder to investigate. Please see the Professional Misconduct Policy found in the Student Handbook/Catalog for more detailed information about Professional Misconduct Committee procedures.