New students will receive their email addresses prior to New Student Orientation. You will receive an email from
the university detailing your login information. 
You can log onto your email by going to the USAHS Office 365 Portal.
Students are now able to utilize their USAHS account to store files via OneDrive.
OneDrive is available from the Outlook Web Access page for each student here: USAHS Office 365 (Webmail/OneDrive)
Click the OneDrive tab along the top of the Outlook Web Access page.


OneDrive will display the online folder allowing for each student to upload and store documents.
Students may store files and coursework in this location for the duration of their time at USA.  These files are available anywhere you have internet.
Unfortunately, we have to abide by a no-touch policy when it comes to student computers.We are, however, allowed to
assist you with university-supported software and Web applications.