Student organizations are a vital part of campus life and offer significant opportunities and benefits to their members, the institution, the professional network, and the community.  Through participation in student organizations, students have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, enhance their understanding of professional perspectives, and have a profound positive impact on their classmates, their profession, and the community.  The University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences encourages its students to become involved in student organizations.   

In order to be recognized, student organizations must

  • Be open to all USAHS students actively enrolled in the University
  • Contribute to the advancement of the health sciences mission of the University
  • Serve a purpose not already met by another student organization or department on campus
  • Assume responsibility for their actions and the activities they sponsor. 

To get more information on registered organizations, you can navigate to their page on the top left of this page or you can contact the Director of Student life, Jessica Murphy, at


Registration of a new organization includes four main steps. 

Step 1 - Review the Student Organization Policy

Step 2 - Submit a Proposal Form 

Step 3 - Meet with Director of Student Life 

Step 4 - Identify a Sponsor and Complete the Registration form

Renewal & Updates:

Organizations needing to renew or update their organization should complete the Renewal/ Update Form found in the forms section of this page. Organization renewal is a mandatory process that occurs in October of every year. 


Active Registered Student Organizations (as of Summer 2023)

Professional Student Organizations

  • Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA)
  • Student Physical Therapist Association (SPTA)
  • Student Speech Language Pathology Association (SSLPA)

Student Clubs/Active Campuses

  • AAOMPT (Austin, St. Augustine, Miami)
  • Acute/Sub Acute SIG
  • Advocacy Club
  • BEPP SIG (All Campuses)
  • COTAD (All Campuses)
  • Geriatrics SIG
  • ILHA (Post Professional)
  • Neuro SIG (St. Augustine, Miami)
  • Pediatrics SIG (St. Augustine, Miami)
  • Pelvic Health SIG (St. Augustine)
  • S.P.E.A.K. (University-Wide)
  • Sports SIG (CASM, Miami, Austin, St. Augustine)
  • Student Veterans of America
  • TPTA


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This document outlines all existing student organization policies an procedures. These include registration requirements, the registration process, annual renewal requirements, resources, and operations.


This document describes steps on how to submit content to be displayed on the campus TVs, guidelines and tips for student organization newsletters, emails and ongoing communications, and details on University social media accounts.


Forms & Examples

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Prior approval is needed for all on-campus events as well as University- or USAHS student organization-sponsored off-campus events or volunteer/community activities. Approval can be obtained by completing this event form.