Is there a faculty or staff member who has had a tremendously positive impact on your student experience? Please consider nominating them for a 2021 Board Excellence Award. We know that you are busy with your studies, so we’ve made the nomination process simple and convenient. Find the nomination form here. Nominations can be submitted April 2-May 28. 2021. Student First Award Criteria:  

“Student First” Award – Faculty  

Recognizes a core or contributing faculty member who demonstrates commitment to the University values with an emphasis on student first, through mentoring and dedication to preparing students to be leaders in their fields. This nominee goes above and beyond in advocacy and service to our students and the community. 

This nominee: 

  • Puts student success first
  • Provides for student learning opportunities outside the classroom
  • Ensures that students have access to educational assistance and advising outside of class
  • Encourages student engagement through creative, innovative and evolving teaching techniques
  • Advances multicultural awareness and inclusion to support the success of students with diverse backgrounds and needs, and encourages acceptance to help prepare students to thrive in a diverse world

“Student First” Award – Staff  

Recognizes a staff member who puts students first through effective communication, providing resources and a source of encouragement. This nominee goes above and beyond in advocacy or service to students and the University. 

This nominee: 

  • Provides students with information and resources, above and beyond what is needed, to succeed at USAHS
  • Ensures that students have access to educational support, assistance and advising outside of class
  • Serves as a role model for students through demonstrated commitment to the University values with an emphasis on student first
  • Embraces inclusion for all students and supports those with diverse experiences, backgrounds, beliefs and perspectives

Find the nomination form here.


USAHS employees ONLY: Please see MyUSA>Campus Connection>Human Resources>Faculty and Staff Award Nomination Criteria for faculty and staff 2021 Board Excellence Award criteria and nomination form.