As an important reminder, the University will include boosters as part of its definition of fully vaccinated for Campus Entry Protocols, effective Monday, February 14. The booster will only be necessary if your initial vaccine was finalized more than five months ago, and you choose to enter campus with voluntarily vaccination disclosure. The Daily Health Screening form has been updated to reflect this change and allow you to upload your confidential vaccine booster confirmation, if applicable.

FAQs: The Reentry Protocol FAQs, which are posted to our reentry site, have been updated with a section on Boosters to address questions regarding how soon a person can receive a booster after having COVID-19, eligibility questions, details on what “fully vaccinated” means and more. 

Masks: The University will also continue to reinforce the use of face masks and public health measures that it has embraced during the pandemic. As a reminder, a three-ply, surgical/procedural face mask, or a N95 / KN95 mask, must always be worn when entering/exiting campus and while on campus. Reference: COVID-19 Policy on PPE Requirements

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