As mentioned in Fieldwork IIA, the intent of the online component of Fieldwork Level II is to optimize your learning experience while you are participating in your fieldwork rotation. 


As with Fieldwork IIA, you will have weekly communication with the university faculty via this platform during the twelve weeks of your fieldwork experience

Each weekly correspondence will correspond to a Unit in the course platform. 


   Units or weeks 1, 3, 6 and 12 will consist of contact with your AFWC regarding your performance on the rotation with updates from you and your Fieldwork Supervisor (FWS) on your progress. 

   Units or weeks 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 and 11 will consist of correspondence between you and an assigned occupational therapy faculty member. The faculty member to whom you are assigned will have clinical expertise in the area of practice of your current fieldwork site.

   Please refer to the course syllabus in the file library regarding the correspondence requirements of your weekly interactions.  


Dialogue between you and the faculty member is designed to enhance your learning experience throughout your fieldwork rotation with respect to area of practice. 


Please understand your dialogue with faculty may only consist of topics associated with practice such as assessments, interventions etc.  


All other concerns regarding your fieldwork such as dates of the rotation, missed dates, supervision, site concerns or requirements, etc will be managed by the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator (AFWC) for your program and the Clinical Education Department. If you are uncertain whom to address your question or concerns, please contact your AFWC for clarification.


Please refer to the Student Handbook on the USA web site, student portal section for any questions regarding policy and procedures for Clinical Education Level II Fieldwork. 


You will find copies of the following forms and documents in the SYLLABUS, Downloadable Version Section:


   Course Syllabus = Read the course syllabus to insure compliance with all course requirements.


   All Purpose Form (APF) = this form is used anytime you are requesting a change in schedule, time away from your fieldwork site due to an emergency or have missed time due to illness. We must keep records to support that you participated in a 12 week full time Level II fieldwork rotation. Any missed time must be made up and documented.


   Issue Incident Form = this form is used anytime there has been an incident while on your fieldwork where there has been potential harm to you or a client you were working with. Anytime you fill out and turn in this form you must also contact your AFWC to discuss the incident. This process is to help protect you and all parties involved.


Have a great Fieldwork IIB experience.