Please go to the SYLLABUS, Downloadable Version section, fill out the form labeled Week One Form and submit via Unit 1 Assignment link located in the Coursework section. The Week One Form is in PDF format.  Download the file to your computer and TYPE the information onto the form.  Save the document with your typed information, then upload the document into the assignment file link for Week One in the Coursework section of the course. 


Important information to remember for Level II Fieldwork

    An occupational therapy student supervisor is referred to as a Fieldwork Supervisor (FWS) not a Clinical Instructor (CI)

    Your fieldwork supervisor (FWS) must have practiced occupational therapy one year or more in order to supervise an occupational therapy student.

    Initially, supervision should be direct and then decrease to less direct supervision as is appropriate for the setting, the severity of the client’s condition and the ability of the student.

    Please follow the following link to read additional information regarding student supervision and fieldwork.

    Please go to the following link to assist you and your fieldwork supervisor with determining learning objectives for your IIB rotation. Please note there are sample objectives for different types of fieldwork settings.

    By week twelve of your rotation, your caseload should equal what is considered a full caseload for a full-time therapist at that setting.

    Please remember, you are not allowed to change the dates of your fieldwork rotation without permission from the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator.

    Anytime you miss a day of fieldwork, you must fill out an All Purpose Form (APF) in the file library with documentation of the date missed and dates or plan of how you will make up that time. Submit the form via email to your AFWC or via Fax to the Clinical Education Office.

    Attendance for all twelve weeks, all days of your Level II rotation is mandatory. Please contact your AFWC if an emergency or unusual circumstance arises. Refer to the course syllabus in the file library for contact information.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding your IIA Fieldwork placement please contact your AFWC immediately via the contact information on the course syllabus.