There are 23 members of this Course (2 Faculty, 3 Guest Faculty, 18 Students).
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Biddulph, Nathan James Nathan James Biddulph Students
Corrao, Lauren Marie Lauren Marie Corrao Students
Craig, Doren Crolley Doren Crolley Craig Students
Decker, Dr. Bonnie Dr. Bonnie Decker Guest Faculty
Degen, Rachel Anne Rachel Anne Degen Students
Downing, Shannon Leigh Shannon Leigh Downing Students
Katz, Jacob Albert Jacob Albert Katz Students
LeSage, Tammy Tammy LeSage Faculty
Lingat, Marianne Bocarile Marianne Bocarile Lingat Students
McDonald, Felicia Patrice Felicia Patrice McDonald Students
McGee, Elisabeth Cullum Elisabeth Cullum McGee Faculty
Montgomery, Sheri Sheri Montgomery Guest Faculty
Moon, Melissa Sue Melissa Sue Moon Students
Moore, Thomas Anthony Thomas Anthony Moore Students
Nackley, Meredith Elaine Meredith Elaine Nackley Students
Schoeny, Andrea Grace Andrea Grace Schoeny Students
Schuchard, Kristy Lee Kristy Lee Schuchard Students
Sommer, Jeanna Carol Jeanna Carol Sommer Students
Spires, Stephanie Anne Stephanie Anne Spires Students
Valencia, Stephanie Grace Stephanie Grace Valencia Students
Wahl, Jillian Michelle Jillian Michelle Wahl Students
Watson, Julie Lynn Julie Lynn Watson Guest Faculty
Weaver, Amanda Lynne Amanda Lynne Weaver Students