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1.) Where does occupational therapy fit in the organizational chart for your facility? My facility consists of Occupational therapy, Physical therapy and speech therapy. An audiologist also comes once a month.

2.) Of the following categories, which best describes the type setting of this fieldwork experience? My setting is an outpatient pediatric clinic.  

3.) List three fieldwork objectives/ goals you and your fieldwork supervisor (FWS) have established. Choose one of those objectives and share how you believe this goal will be met.

a.) Be able to administer and score and unfamiliar standardized assessment.

b.) Be able to treatment plan on my feet.

            *This is something I have started working on this week by arriving early to read through patient documentation on their goals and areas that need to be addressed. This has given me more time to come up with activities and not waste treatment time planning on the go.

c.)Be able to understand the sensory aspect of many childhood disorders. 

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