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1. Where does occupational therapy fit in the organizational chart for your facility?

-Occupational therapy is one of 3 disciplines (physical and speech therapy) that are offered at my facility. There are also wellness programs available to patients who no longer receive therapy due to lack of coverage or discharge due to meeting goals. Physicians are also on site for patient access. 

2. Of the following categories, which best describes the type setting of this fieldwork experience?

-Outpatient Neuro

3. List three fieldwork objectives/ goals you and your fieldwork supervisor (FWS) have established. Choose one of those objectives and share how you believe this goal will be met.

-Implement creative and functional intervention strategies for individual patients.

-Improve efficiency with documentation.

    ~Initially I will take good notes during session in order to write up documentation at a later time. As my fieldwork progresses, I will use my improved skills to complete documentation during therapy session to increase my overall efficiency and productivity. 

-Individually complete an OT evaluation. 

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