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- Where does occupational therapy fit in the organizational chart for your facility?

 In my setting, the occupational therapist (my FWS) is either a consultant once a month for the Infant Todler Developmental Specialist or the Speech Therapist, who sees the client on a more frequent basis; or she is the primary therapist assigned to the child's case. The primary therapist is assigned based on the child's initial evaluation with the state's Early Steps program.

- Of the following categories, which best describes the type setting of this fieldwork experience?

 My FWS owns her own pediatrics home-based therapy company, but she is also contracted by the state's Early Steps (birth-3) program.


List three fieldwork objectives/ goals you and your fieldwork supervisor (FWS) have established. Choose one of those objectives and share how you believe this goal will be met.

1. To plan and implement therapeutic treatment sessions with at least 2 children per day for the first 3 weeks of fieldwork with direct supervision.

2. To independently complete an OT evaluation through parent interview, observation, and use of at least one pediatric assessment.

                  - First, I will type up my own version of a pediatric evaluation template to include questions I believe should be asked to the parents as well as items that should be evaluated with each client. Then, I will assist my FWS in a couple evaluation sessions before completing one with only supervision. By the end of my fieldwork experience, I will have completed multiple client evaluations independently.

3. To complete all evaluation, daily, and progress documentation independently.

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